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  • Advance Directives
  • Severance of Joint Tenancy
  • Disabled Trusts

Lawsuite: Get your Will writing business off to a flying start!

Financial adviser mailing lists

If you are new to the will writing profession, then let us welcome you to the fraternity and get your new business off to a flying start!

Its an open secret in the profession that experienced Will writers receive a vast majority of their business from referrals from financial advisers (IFAs). You will find established will writers work a network of financial advisers who refer them business in return for a commission, usually around 20%.

We can provide you at well below market rates lists of all regulated financial advisers and mortgage brokers in your area, and at less than half the price of a postage stamp!

How much?

Lawsuite subscribers, the names and addresses are 9p each minimum order £50.

Non Lawsuite subscribers, 20p per address minimum order £100.

To order

1. Decide which Postcode sectors you would like to target from the map below.

2. Email admin@lawsuite.co.uk with your list of postcode sectors, and we will tell you how many active financial advisers there are as well as how many firms are active and provide you with the price.

3. You accept the quote, and pay for the order by BACS Account Number: 82000756 Sort Code: 09-01-27 and email us when complete.

4. We email you usually the same day a) your complete list in pure text format, b) The list again but separated to one adviser in each firm - see note below and c) The telephone numbers for making your follow-up call.

Note: When doing a mail-shot, its never a good idea to mail more than one adviser in the same firm on the same day. The office manager will see identical letters going to each of the advisers and screens them out as junk mail, so we provide you with your list that has been separated into numbered text files - one adviser per firm - to be mailed on different days.

5. Get your marketing campaign under way and start introducing yourself.