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  • Advance Directives
  • Severance of Joint Tenancy
  • Disabled Trusts

Lawsuite: Professional Will Writing Software

Lawsuite is the industry leading Will drafting platform, intuitive to use and produces your client's Wills and peripheral documents in Microsoft Word.

Whether you are looking to increase your client bank, create a new income source from Will writing or retaining your existing clients, or perhaps looking for a career change then Lawsuite has the answer.

Lawsuite means you have the flexibility to be truly independent, you can choose your PI insurer (we can supply a list if needed) , your regulator and your trusts, probate and estate administration company which all pays you a further fee when the client dies - even if you have ceased trading!

Lawsuite is the only will drafting software where its creators have first hand experience in client-facing Will writing and estate planning, it is the most flexible software offering the best value for money, productivity and growth for your business.

A Will must be witnessed by two independent witnesses (one in Scotland) and they too may need to make a Will. Lawsuite automatically generates forms for the witnesses to complete and request you contact them about making a Will. This generates potential new clients and if you are a financial adviser, this opens the door for other financial product sales.

Many networked Will writing companies discontinue paying your probate and executorship commission when you stop trading. Lawsuite lets you run your business the way you want, with sound positive cash flow, you retain all your clients and renewal commission (for Will storage), plus all your estate administration commission when the client dies.

So our Mission Statement is…

We lead, others follow.

We are at the forefront of the latest technology and legal development in the Estate Planning industry for the whole of the UK and Australia. Your Will writing software is the money making engine of your business, so it must always be kept up to date and only Lawsuite can deliver that. It has built-in automatic software updates which are all included in the monthly fee.

Will Writing Software

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